Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Bokka  ("Space Yeti")

No. Enc.:  1d4 (2d4)
Alignment:  Any
Movement:  120' (40')
Armor Class:  5
Hit Dice:  9
Attacks:  2 or 1 (2 fists, or weapon)
Damage:  1d6 / 1d6, or by standard melee weapon +2, or by technological weapon +4
Save:  L9
Morale:  9
Hoard Class:  XV
XP:  4,500

Hailing from the glacial wastes of Koowie (fifth planet of the Gelid Rim), the Bokka (singular and plural) are 7' tall, shaggy humanoids known throughout the cosmos for their technological prowess and psionic abilities.  They make masterful pilots, engineers, and combat physicians.

A Bokka's highly sensitive antennae are the sources of its mental might.  When Bokka are captured by slavers or the Cosmic Caliphate's press-gangs, their antennae are surgically removed; any such mutilated lose all Mental Mutations, -5 WIL, and -3 CHA...but also gain a Morale of 12 when dealing with those responsible.

Out of sensitivity to the modesty—and pride—of other sentient races, the Bokka always wear pants.

Bokka PCs have 1d8 Hit Points per point of CON, gain +3 to WIL, and the full suite of racial Mutations.

Mutations:  Intellectual Affinity (Tinkerer), Metaconcert, Mind Thrust, Neural Telepathy, Reflective Epidermis (Cold)

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  1. I remember these guys from back when I was a kid! Nice right up man!