Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maxin' and Retractin'

Correction #1.

In my previous GenCon posts, there were several instances of me misspelling The Magnanimous Tim Snider's name as "Snyder".  Sure, I got it right about half the time, but...sheesh.  My apologies, Mr. S.

Correction #2.

Also in the last of said posts, I mentioned three new books from BlackWyrm Publishing...however, I was wayyyy off as to their true number of hot-off-the-press titles.  Editor Dave Mattingly was kind enough to correct me, as he wrote:

Three? Au contraire, mon frer. We released six new books. The three you did not mention are:

) Terracide, by Haymaker author Grady Elliott ("Space Opera Noir")

The Widening Gyre, by Hero forumer Bill "teh bunneh" Keyes ("Steampunk Versus Martians")

Lux Aeternum, by BlackWyrm cofounder Ryan Wolfe ("Musketeers and Cyborgs...In Space")

My sincerest apologies, Mr. M.  Now go give him money, people!

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  1. Half my mail is addressed to "Tom Snyder." To the best of my knowledge, I am not a 70's late-night talk show host parodied by Dan Ackroyd on classic SNL.

    No worries.