Friday, July 15, 2011

"High Fashion Is Where Her Money Goes" — Prince

I've commented before that, even as a kid, I never liked the Domar-based economy of Gamma World.  It seemed silly to me that an Ancient, hard-plastic currency would still be in use, when the post-apocalyptic residents should be melting it down for armor and weapons.

In my current campaign, I've played a bit loose with the economics, and the barter system reigns supreme.  The closest analogs to "hard currency" I use are scratched-up Ancient CDs / DVDs and credit cards, with values fluctuating based on color, logo, text, holographic embossing, etc....

...but after seeing these pics of the "Colour Chiefs", I may have to revise my system.  I want ALL my Mutant Future future mutants to dress like this.

(Images first seen at How To Be A Retronaut, but originally designed by The Library.)


  1. Not only do those work for a Mutant Future or other post apocalyptic setting but they also could be used with Shadowrun. I guess that raises a question though. Could you consider Shadowrun a post apocalyptic game?

  2. I, personally, never considered Shadowrun to be post-apocalyptic, as most places had functional air-conditioning. By my exacting Texan standards, A/C = civilized; no A/C = barbaric hellscape.

    GDW's Dark Conspiracy, with its swaths of monster-filled badlands, always felt more post-apoc than Shadowrun.

  3. @Wymarc - Well, in the older since of apocalypse as a world changing event, I'd say yes. In the looser modern sense of destruction of the world, no.

    Those are perfect for Gamma World primitives!

  4. Awesome pictures! Thanks for the post. I like all the recycled trash as part of armor & jewelry. Your blog has got me reading The Mutant Epoch and planning out a campaign for that system.

  5. I don't think of Shadowrun as POST-apocalyptic. More like Smack-Dab In The Midst-Apocalyptic.

    Or, just Apocalyptic.

  6. @Trey, Theron: Good comments.

    @Padre: Sooner than later, I plan to do more with The Mutant Epoch. It saw print just as I was deluged with school and work, and simply got away from me.

    I love gonzo apocalypses, but I like my fantasy down-n-dirty (as seen in Glenn Cook's fiction)...and TME combines those in a way that's very satisfying.

  7. I can see the points about post apocalyptic and SR not quite fitting the bill as the genre is defined.

    I liked he idea behind Dark Conspiracy though the one time someone tried to run it for me I ruined it for them. I think I posted about it.

    Regardless the pictures would work for the Native American Nations in SR.