Saturday, December 4, 2010

Field Guide Updates

In addition to today's newest mutant, a few notes:

1)  It's making the rounds, but Mutant Future gets a revised edition at year-end.  This blog wouldn't exist without Mr. Proctor and the Goblinoid crew, and I'll happily give them more money.

2)  I've gone back and added additional pics to many of the previous entries.  Take a gander!  (I'm particularly happy with the loaded-for-bear Meen'go.  Firepower-wielding, five-limbed flamingos are exactly why I fell in love with Gamma World in 1983.)

3)  I've also added "Reaction" buttons.  (I'd like to say it's for the noble purpose of figuring out what my audience likes, but it's really just to appease my vanity.  I'm not made of stone.)

4)  I'm thinking of statting up some of these critters for Gamma World 4e (or 7e, for us purists).  Just something to keep in mind.

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