Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mutants In The News — \m/ METAL!!! \m/ Edition

According to Australian Geographic, great white sharks know how to rawk.

"Matt's research was inspired by dive operators on Guadalupe Island, who discovered playing music underwater for clients also caused changes in shark behaviour...when the great whites heard the AC/DC songs, they swam up and rubbed their faces against the source of the music."

I wonder what they think of John Williams' scores?

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  1. No disrespect to John Williams, but I'd rather see what they think of Dethklok (who have dedicated an entire album to the creatures of the deep).

    "This is metal... for fish. Cause fish don't gots no good metal to listens to."

    Feast your acoustico-lateralis systems on this my fishy friends.

    Dethklok's "Go into the Water"

    "We call out to the beasts of the sea to come forth and join us, this night is yours"
    "We reject our earthly fires
    Gone are days of land empires
    Lungs transform to take in water
    Cloaked in scales we swim and swim home"

    \m/ \m/