Thursday, May 9, 2024

"P" Is For "Pizzly" (Or "B" Is For "Bobble Bear")

This unholy creation was a collaborative effort amongst my long-term Umerica group.

We're starting a new campaign in the ruins of Aleutian Alaska, and the worldbuilding naturally involves new beasties.  Player M picked "grizzly / polar bear" hybrid, and The GM had us each roll an ability on the amazing mutation charts.

Sooooo Much Better Than Standard
Mutant Crawl Classics Rules

Meet the resultant monstrosity! 

Pizzly (aka Bobble Bear) 

Pizzlies are enormous ursines with freakishly enlarged heads with corresponding brains. They can--and do--consume anything, but posses a particular fondness for petroleum products. These chemicals leach into the fur, resulting in a protective plasticine coating; a dead pizzly's hide can be fashioned into tools and armor.

Two tentacles sprout from a pizzly's backside, and are deft enough to manipulate weapons and objects.

Pizzly (aka Bobble Bear): INIT +5; ATK bite +8 melee bite (1d14+2), claw +8 melee (1d6), tentacle slap +8 melee (1d3); AC 13 [d5 Armor]; HD 5+3; MV 40'; ACT 2d20 & 2d16 (tentacles); SP Carapace Protection (Plastic Shell), Gigantic Proportions (Head), Heightened Attributes (Agility), True Omnivore, Xenomorphic Traits (Tentacles); SV Fort +7, Ref +3, Wil +3; AL N or C.

Carapace Protection (Candy-Colored Coating): covered in resistant plastic-like fur and nodules increasing Armor +2d; can be fashioned into wearable armor and other implements.

Gigantic Proportions (Big Head): +1d5 to all Intelligence checks (as raccoon / dolphin / ape) and bite damage by +2d.

Heightened Attributes (Increased Agility): +2d to all Agility checks and Reflex saves.

True Omnivore: gains sustenance from eating meat, plants, and any / all petroleum products. 

Xenomorphic Traits (Tentacles): multiple tentacles grow from the creature's body; can use as well as normal limbs (and actually better, as can manipulate objects!) and grants 2d16 action dice for the tentacle’s actions.


  1. Thank you, BB! You were always an enthusiastic OG commenter!

    I'm going to try to be more active. Have some more DCC / MCC beasties coming sooner than later!