Thursday, November 10, 2011

Secret Scrawlings and Wasteland Writings (or, PDF = Pretty Danged Fancy)

Credit where credit is due:  Cyborg Trucker clued me into a dandy little widget that lets you download documents directly from your blog.

That lit the fire to get my assorted charts and lists all PDF'd and ready for use, as there have been kind people (like Messrs. Brutorz Bill and Radioactive Ape) who've asked for my material in a less-bloggy format.

So, this is for you, dear readers!

And not only that, but...

...I compiled all of the Devastation Drive-In material into one convenient movie mutant manual.

So take a gander at my behind the scenes screen scribblings over on the Field Guide Documentation sidebar, and tell me what you think.

Next project?  Getting the rest of this blog's muties done up in similar fashion.  Only about 80% more to go!


  1. Cool! I like forward to diving in to the devastation. ;)

  2. Fan-damn-tastic. Absolutely worthy of an announcement over at TSAW. Let me get the word out. Great work, Justin!

  3. Saw this on the Underdark Gazette. Been playing Fallout a bit and this (and well the news but lets not go there) has put me in Post Apoc frame of mind.

    Now I hate to ask but as I run Linux, my computer can't use the Flash Widget.

    Can you post a different link or worst case scenario, send me the PDF to my site name at Gmail?

  4. This oozes with Radioactive wait er...yeah Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  5. Thanks to one of your excellent readers (name withheld as I have no idea if he wants a public shoutout) I now have the supplement.

    Nice to see stuff with a sense of humor thats quality. Very fun. Thanks.

  6. I'm really, really psyched that people are enjoying the material. Thanks to to you all!

    And @5stonegames? I'll happily send you copies. Just hit me up via email (under the About Me tab) and I'll reply wit' a quickness.